Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness cover falls within the same family of products as life assurance – protection, which is arguably the most important area of planning.

As with life assurance, critical illness cover (CIC) has been designed to protect you, your family or even your business, in the event of an unforeseen illness that has a major impact on the policyholder.

Normally, the types of illness that you can protect against include, cancer, stroke, heart attack and even loss of sight (depending on the conditions in the policy schedule).

For those who are unfortunate enough to suffer a critical illness, this can have a wider impact on family finances than in the event of a death, as the policyholder may need time off work to fully recover and might not get paid whilst absent.

One of the key advantages of critical illness protection is that it provides a cash lump sum on diagnosis of a covered illness, which can be used however the policyholder wishes during a difficult time.

There are varying ways to build a critical illness policy it can be standalone or attached to a life assurance policy.

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