Life assurance Dubai

Ensuring that your loved ones are provided for should you unfortunately die is a major focus and concern for many expatriates.

Life assurance is a cost effective solution that offers peace of mind, knowing that a lump sum will be paid out to your nominated beneficiaries should you die.

These types of products mainly provide much need family protection, giving a cash lump sum to be used as your dependents wish – clearing off debt, providing an income or even paying for future education costs.

Aside from family protection, life assurance is a very important planning tool for those who have a mortgage – no matter where that property is located globally.

In the UAE, the property market has matured from a market dominated by investors market to an end user market. This means that many residents of the UAE have chosen to buy their own property.  Most now have a need for life assurance in the event of death so that property ownership remains in their family.

From a simple life assurance plan to a group scheme with thousands of employees covered, we have access to a wide range of insurers that can help with any of your life assurance needs.


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