Wealth Management

With access to leading wealth managers, private banks and fund groups DIFX (Dubai International Financial X-Change) can direct you to whatever you need. Whether you are looking to buy high risk cfd’s, low risk bonds or any other financial instrument we will send you to the right provider to transact your business in the most effective way for your personal or business needs.

We insist on using wealth managers, private bankers and financial planners that offer whole of market advice. We ensure anyone that we refer, gets to speak to a qualified professional in their field. We have the ability to assist clients with low cost investing all the way through the spectrum to full advice and discretionary management of large proprietary portfolios.

All parties we use have access to unique product ranges that are often innovative and bespoke to the individual needs of the client.

What type of client am I ?

Often private and corporate clients do not know where to go for the advice that suits their individual needs and therefore cash often sits in bank deposits not working efficiently or is directed to the wrong person to manage it. This is the reason for our existent, we aim to clear up some of the muddy water in relation to which service provider to use for which particular part of your financial services and wealth management needs.

We have access to refer our clients to a number of institutions that include:

  • Financial planning firms
  • DIFC Private banks
  • Onshore Private banks
  • Investment banks
  • Discretionary portfolio managers
  • Tax and trust companies

Due to the extra layer that we use in order to protect our client interests we ensure that the firm is best suited for the type of business they wish to transact and the ongoing service required.


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