Dubai is known to be as one of the luxurious places in the world. There are many reasons behind this. Dubai has many astonishing and surprising places, luxurious land, sea views and construction of one after another cutting edge restaurants and hotels. Burj Ul Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, The World Island, The Old Town Island, Burj Lake Hotel and The Dubai Mall are some of the amazing and eye catching places. The architecture of each and every project in Dubai is of high quality.

Everyone has a dream that he/she could have his/her own home in Dubai. It is because of the standard of living that Dubai owned. Many famous celebrities, whether actors/actresses, sportsman, politician or from any other school of thought, are looking to have their own home in Dubai. We all are so much busy in our daily life and in our vacations or holidays we need a place where we can spend some good time, relax ourselves and can have fun. For this purpose, Dubai is the suitable place for all of us. Many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Julie, Shahrukh Khan, Tiger Woods, Sania Mirza, Bachan’s family and many others owned homes in Dubai. Let’s discuss about top 10 famous people, who own home in Dubai.

Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump

A citizen of USA, Donald Trump arrived Dubai few years ago. He was the one who proposed the idea of Palm Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Giorgio Armani

  • Giorgio Armani

A famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani called Dubai as his second home. He owned a hotel named “Hotel Armani” in Dubai. In order to get advantage of the huge hype of Burj Khalifa, he introduced his newly created designs in Dubai and also launched a collection of perfume named as “Collection of a Thousand and One Nights”.

Tiger Woods

  • Tiger Woods

Famous American golf star Tiger Woods owned a private community and a championship golf course worth $1.1 billion in Dubai. He loves to live in Dubai and enjoyed to spent his more time in here.

Boris Becker

  • Boris Becker

A legendary tennis star Boris Becker also loves to live in Dubai. According to the agreement with a construction company, the Wimbledon Champ agreed to put his name to the under developing tower.

Victoria And David Beckham

  • Victoria And David Beckham

A renowned English footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham owned a villa on the Palm Island. This villa is worth $1.6 million.

Shah Rukh Khan

  • Shah Rukh Khan

A Bollywood star and heart beat of almost every South Asian Shah Rukh Khan have a bungalow in Dubai. He comes here very often and enjoys his special moments of life.

Brad Pit and Angelina Julie

  • Brad Pit and Angelina Julie

A famous Hollywood couple Brad Pit and Angelina Julie bought a villa in Palm Jumeirah. Brad Pit says “I am very much inspired by the locality of Palm Jumeirah and its geographical location keeps attracting me towards it”.


  • Bachan’s Family

A legendary Bollywood star and all time favorite Amitabh Bachan and his family have their villa in Dubai. Each and every member of Bachan’s family loves to live in Dubai.

Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza:

  • Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza

An Indian tennis star and a wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza also owned home in Dubai. Shoaib Malik and his wife mostly live in this home.

Roger Federer

  • Roger Federer

Swiss tennis star and seven times Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer also owns a luxury apartment in Dubai. He says “Dubai is the best location for me to get use of playing in hot weather conditions”. Due to this purpose, he bought an apartment in Dubai.