Black Edition Club stands out in the first event of the season in Dubai

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Last Friday, September 10, 2021, the third edition of the car show event organized by the UCC was held. This is the first opening event for the new season, and it was held at Souk Al Marfa, Dubai.

The meeting point for car clubs in Dubai

On this occasion, the show had the participation of more than 300 show cars from different clubs throughout the UAE, and prizes were awarded in the different categories:

  • American sport
  • American living room
  • Best off-road vehicles
  • Best SUV
  • Best classics
  • Best KDM
  • Best JDM (2 doors)
  • Best JDM (4 doors)
  • Best engine
  • Best wrap
  • Best driver lady
  • Best airbrush
  • Best 4×4 truck
  • Best paint / body kit
  • The Super Star club (club award)

In addition to the club members, television media such as Ruptly TV and the Arab channel Alghad TV were also present, both with more than 3 million subscribers.

The television media captured the moment, as well as the most relevant aspects of it. Additionally, they came to the Black Edition Club booth to interview Yuliana Grasman.

The Black Edition Club at the event

Black Edition Club stands out in the first event of the season in Dubai

The club was invited by the UCC to be part of the opening event. And thanks to the growing interest that the club has obtained since its inception, this time their participation was a little broader.

On the one hand, they had about 13 vehicles on display, so they took up considerable space within the show.

Likewise, and as a special activity, the Black Edition Club took the opportunity to officially open the color category. And the opening car was the BMW E36 drift car, a gift from Bilal (Yuliana’s friend) to Afra. The construction of the vehicle was carried out by Bilial who with his own hands built full engine, the car was having incredible air brush with many colors on it which was absolutely suitable for the official opening of the color category at the club.

Afra along with the rest of the group had been working during the summer to make the official opening of the category of colored cars within the club, and the final result could not be better. In addition to the car that Bilial gave to Afra, the drifting champion also received a large sticker with her name and the name of her group. And although the colored car did not win any awards, since there was no category in which it could participate, both Yuliana and the rest of the club members were more than pleased and happy to have carried out the activity successfully.

In Afra’s words: “Thank you for my friend Bilal! I also want to thank two of the most relevant members of the club, Ali Ahmed and Hassan, who worked to get more ideas and more members. Hassan very actively invited many new members with amazing cars, as well as Ali helped me manage the group and get organized with ideas. ”

News and surprises at the club

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Two big news for Black Edition Club are coming this month.

First of all, they will have their first year anniversary which they can say was very successful during the season that is opening.

Second, they are pleased to announce that two more members where form other countries, even car with local number plates of the countries: QTar and Jordan.

As a special surprise, Afra wants to share with his followers the two awards that the club obtained during the event in Souk Al Marfa:

  • The award for the best female driver. Maria who presented her two cars at the event.
  • The best SUV, member of Qatar license plate, Rang Rover SVR

Also, after the opening of the Black Edition color category, around 10 new members with custom cars joined in the next two days. As additional news, during the club’s participation in the event, the television channels that attended interviewed Afra as the leader of one of the show’s clubs. Afra in the television media

To know a little more about what the event is like, the location, what the participants of these meetings think, what news exists and what the opening of the new season is like, the international news television media interviewed Yuliana Grasman.

Despite the high humidity and hot weather, Afra did not hesitate to appear in front of the camera and Mudar Abu Assaf from the Ruptly TV news agency, who was in charge of conducting the interview, was very supportive and was a great help for Yuliana to look good on transmission.

In addition, the Arab television channel Alghad TV, they also asked Afra and made a broadcast of the event.

Information about news channels:

Special thanks

Juilana Grasman (Afra) wants to send her words of thanks:

“First of all, I want to thank and congratulate the UCC on the third anniversary that brought us all to this incredible location in Souk Al Marfa, as well as our UAEISCLUB friends, with whom we share territory at the event and park cars together. I want to thank all my fans who came and contacted me at the venue and also the fans of our group! Of course, I want to thank the Black Edition Club for being there to open a new season and support the community.”

We are confident that the club will continue its growth path, and we look forward to sharing its first anniversary with them.

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