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Dubai is known to be as one of the luxurious places in the world. There are many reasons behind this. Dubai has many astonishing and surprising places, luxurious land, sea views and construction of one after another cutting edge restaurants and hotels. Burj Ul Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, The World Island, The Old Town Island, Burj Lake Hotel and The Dubai Mall are some of the amazing and eye catching places. The architecture of each and every project in Dubai is of high quality.

Everyone has a dream that he/she could have his/her own home in Dubai. It is because of the standard of living that Dubai owned. Many famous celebrities, whether actors/actresses, sportsman, politician or from any other school of thought, are looking to have their own home in Dubai. We all are so much busy in our daily life and in our vacations or holidays we need a place where we can spend some good time, relax ourselves and can have fun. For this purpose, Dubai is the suitable place for all of us. Many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Julie, Shahrukh Khan, Tiger Woods, Sania Mirza, Bachan’s family and many others owned homes in Dubai. Let’s discuss about top 10 famous people, who own home in Dubai.


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Taxation Rules for Americans Living in the UAE


UAE is considered one of the foremost commercial and economic hubs of the world, which is why more than 8 million Americans now live and work in the country. Not only does the UAE have great career and employment opportunities, but citizens also need to pay only minimal taxes. If you’re one of the many American expats living in this Middle eastern location, whether on a short-term stint or long-term relocation, taking care of your taxation obligations is essential. Your best bet is to work with a trained tax CPA for expats in the UAE and get all the relevant information you need.

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Seven Mistakes That Could Nullify Car Insurance in UAE

Having car insurance is a long-term financial commitment. But the worst-case scenario to happen rather than canceling insurance claims is invalidation or nullification of car insurance.

The insurer can cancel the car insurance policy even if there is a slight unintentional slip-up. If not already lost money in premium payments, you might even be held liable to compensate for any repairs or damages out of your pocket.

Moreover, in UAE, there is a law that gives insurance companies the right to nullify the “own damage” section. The company can do so by giving the insured a prior 30 days notice of the same. The paid-up premium by the policyholder is to be refunded after the pro-rata premium for that period is deducted.

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Travel Ban Expats With Debts Win Right To Work

Expats banned from leaving Bahrain because they owe money will have the right to legally live and work in the country under a new law.

Bahrain courts can stop expats leaving the country if they have an unpaid debt or civil legal challenge proceeding against them until the debts are cleared.

The law leaves expats in a legal limbo because they cannot work to raise cash to pay off their debts.

Under the new law, expats with debts will still have to stay in Bahrain, but will have the opportunity to work and pay off the money they owe.

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Ethics don’t replace private health cover for expats

Expats and travellers want too much from their free health cards that offer emergency cover in Europe. Most expect the card to give free emergency medical treatment and some believe the card entitles them home by air ambulance if they fall seriously ill or have an accident.

A few even try to get free medical treatment outside Europe by waving the card. The EHIC – the European Health Insurance Card – is a vital document and can save travellers money if they need emergency treatment.

Insurers will often consider discounting or scrapping private health insurance excesses, but the benefits are not as valuable and comprehensive to expats as many believe. In fact, an EHIC does not offer any protection to expats.

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China’s Prosperity Relies on Painful Economic Reform

The Chinese economy is likely to suffer if policymakers do not embrace painful but necessary changes to deal with over-supply problems.

Decisive reform is hampering recovery in the world’s number two economy and the country’s leaders need to take action before it’s too late, argues Kunjal Gala, senior investment analyst on the Hermes Global Emerging Markets Fund.

Not making the right decisions and implementing them quick enough is a failing that runs through China’s recent economic history, he says. Now, President Xi Jinping seems to be across what action is needed. “The transition will take time, but I have visited China and can see progress is starting to be made,” said Gala.

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Forget the cost of living – Dying comes at a price as well

Most of us worry about the rising cost of living without giving a thought to how big the bill for unraveling our financial affairs when we die is likely to be. Many of us asked to stand in as an executor for a friend or loved one when they die have no hesitation about stepping up to the plate without thinking about the hassle, time and money involved.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron promised to make inheritance tax cheaper, but this only applies to surviving spouses or close family members who gain property or other assets.

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Things to do in Dubai for UK expats

Dubai rises from the desert as a spectacular vision of glass and steel that attracts tourists and shoppers from across the world. While in Dubai, here are the 10 top places to visit, as voted by TripAdvisor:

Dubai Fountain

The world’s most spectacular choreographed fountains – a fantastic display shooting 500 feet into the air. The $218 million show includes 6,600 coloured lights, 25 projectors and measures just over 900 feet long.

  • WHERE: The lake between the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall
  • WHEN: 1pm and 1.30pm daily except Fridays, when the times change to 1.30pm and 2pm. In the evenings, the fountains go off every 30 minutes between 6pm and 11pm
  • COST: Free

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Investors Taking A Shine To Gold

Investors are flooding to protect their wealth by pouring money into gold, according to the latest research.

Trade body the World Gold Council reports the industry enjoyed a buoyant first quarter and the second best ever as demand was up a fifth year on year.

The council argues that turmoil in stock markets and uncertainty over the world economy is making investors move to gold as a safe haven.

“Negative interest rates in Japan and Europe, China devaluing the yuan and a slowdown of interest rate rises in the USA undermined confidence in other assets as turbulence rocked stock markets around the world,” said a spokesman.

“Negative interest rates significantly hit sovereign bonds as low risk assets and triggered huge interest in gold-backed ETFs.”

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Stamp Licks Shares, Gold And Property As Top Investment

Investors looking for first class returns should turn to rare stamps, claims a specialist firm. Stamps have outperformed the FTSE100 and British property prices since 1995 and in the past 12 months, some of the most collectible stamps have seen returns ahead of the best performing shares.

London-based philatelist Stanley Gibbons argues stamps are a better hedge against stock market and commodity volatility than shares, property, and gold. The firm has an index of Britain’s 250 most expensive stamps – and the price was up 1.2% year-on-year until the end of June 2016 compared to the FTSE, which lost 11% in the same period.

“Stamps are showing that they have an investment and wealth preservation pedigree during a time when world stock markets have had a difficult period,” says the firm.