Desert Safari Dubai Is Still Most Loved Tourist Activity In Dubai

Desert Safari - most loved activity of Dubai!

Dubai – the city that exudes luxury and glamor. Not just that, but it opens doors for all kinds of adventures, be it a shopping spree or taking a dip into the luscious sea, the options are limitless. The city is rightly defined as the city of lights as it shows off its exotic nightlife, extravagant experiences, along with the awe-inspiring skyline. In other words, the city can be referred to as the dreamer’s paradise.

Though the city has many defining features, one of the most prominent which remains a cut above the rest is known as desert safari. It never fails to steal the hearts of its visitors. The once dry and barren desert got transformed into one of the most popular adventures across the globe. Dubai desert safari tour is the epitome of beauty, serenity and adventure. The magnificence of the red, sandy deserts of Arabia makes one ponder upon the grandeur of nature.

It may be daunting to think about going for desert Safari Dubai in the scorching summer heat, but the eventful star-studded nights of Desert Safari can be an experience to remember, owing to the cool breezes striking through during the night time. A blend of rich heritage and thrill-filled activities can result in happy hormones to release in your body, leaving you feeling like it was a wholesome experience – just enough to suffice for all that hustle and bustle of life.

Why Is It So Loved?

Owing to the myriads of opportunities to have fun during a desert safari in Dubai, it’s one of the top tourist attractions in the region. Some of the fascinating aspects about the exhilarating journey include:

  • Camel Rides
    The traditional, yet soothing experience – camel rides are the essence of Dubai desert safari. Atop the gently rocking comfort of the camel’s back, we tend to leave the succour of family life. We then venture back into the wilderness, away from any signs of human habitation – quite the getaway for a person who needs time off or recharge because of excessive socialization.
  • Dune Bashing
    For all the adrenaline junkies who probably got bored by the idea of steady camel rides, dune bashing is just the activity for you. In this, a Jeep Safari ride (4×4) takes you on an adventurous trip in which the gusty winds and sand dunes lead the journey while you comfortably sit in the jeep. The ups and downs of the ride, along with the speedy journey typical lasting 20-30 minutes can satisfy your thrill craving.
  • Mesmerising Views
    Bask in the glory of the mesmerising sunrise gradually appearing from the dunes. The spectacular and peaceful view is sure to leave you falling in love with nature all over again. The magnificence of Dubai’s sky with hues of orange and yellow, sometimes forming into red, make us contemplate upon the beauty of nature in general, and to disconnect from the stressors of daily life.
  • Stargazing or Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Sitting under the clear sky during the night time in Dubai and staring right at the stars can yet again make us admire the beauty of nature. With excessively being available virtually, stargazing helps us to connect back to the physical world, which improves our mental health. On the other hand, a hot air balloon ride can be a thrilling, yet an eye opening experience, as you can witness the glory of Dubai by being way up in the air.

The adventures don’t end here – from various cuisines, quad biking, sandboarding, to many other forms of entertainment including dances can hype you up and instantly in a better mood. Needless to say, a trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the desert safari. You can choose the timings that suit you best and the ones in which you can access many things. Typically, there are morning safaris, evening and night. Preferably, most opt for early morning and night ones during summer owing to Dubai’s harsh climate and topography.

Notably, although it’s a desert, you only get to see lizards and camels. The place is deemed as safe for most as a tour guide is generally there to assist you in all your adventures ranging from a thrilling sandboarding experience to getting an artistic henna-tattoo. From an array of cuisines, you can pick one that you like the most – this is one of the reasons why there’s cultural diversity witnessed in tourists as they’re made to feel liberated in terms of what they can eat, how they can dress, etc.